The different answering services that can be used for any business

answering services

A back-office answering service is something that can help every kind of business in many ways. This service helps customer-based businesses to keep their connection with the customers strong.

If it is a corporate organization, then the services can help the communication between the clients and the organization be efficient.

What are the different types of answering services?

Some people get confused about what type of answering service would be ideal for their kind of business. If you are one of them, then you should stop worrying because now you are at the right place.

We are going to help you by explaining the different answering services to you and you can decide for yourself which answering services would be the best for the field of business you are in.

So, there are majorly 3 different types of answering services:

  • Live answering services

Live answering and back-office services are the most popular and also the most common type of answering services that different businesses use. In this type of service, you will have to assign a person or a team of different people who will pick up or answer calls on the behalf of your company or organization according to the guidelines set by you.

Often it happens that this service also includes the task of appointment setting or setting the time of the meeting and communicating this information to the required people.

  • Internet answering services

This kind of answering service is perfect for e-commerce businesses. This kind of service includes live chatting, auto-replies, replying to inquiries of the customers, and many more.

An internet answering service will help reduce the need for manpower helping you to decrease your expenditure in the long term.

  • Automated Answering Service

This is based on Artificial Intelligence. These can be used by businesses for generating auto-replies based on the guidelines set.

This is a very efficient way because the service will be a combination of both live answering and internet answering services.


All the services that we have mentioned above are the most affordable answering services available and these are the most efficient kinds of answering services to choose wisely what is the best for your business.

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