Missing After-Hours Calls? Benefits of Outsourced Virtual Services

Outsourced Virtual Services

Every call from a customer or potential customer is an opportunity for your business to earn more money and expand. Missing even one of these important calls is not acceptable – and does not have to happen if you have full coverage dispatch service support from a professional Phone Answering Service.

Service Delivered Your Way

When you outsource all of your after-hours calls and call overflow, representative operators are prepared to handle message taking for your company and provide service exactly as you specify. Live customer service agents answer your calls, setting the bar for customer service.

No Missed Calls and You Save Money?

You Never Miss Callsand you don’t have the expense of hiring extra staff, training the staff, paying salaries and benefits, and providing equipment and office space.

Scalable and Flexible Services

You can easily adjust the hours you need service, scale up or down your outsourced representative services to accommodate seasonality and other fluctuations, and alter the protocols used to effectively monitor your employees wherever and whenever they are needed.

24/7 Services, Including Holidays

Additionally, it’s possible to have comprehensive call answering services available throughout the year, including holidays, without hiring additional staff or changing their schedules in order to accommodate these crucial client calls.

Chillax.biz Provides Live Answering Services and Systems Designed with Your Customers in Mind

With years of experience working with companies in a variety of industries, Chillax.biz is aware of what it takes to satisfy customers both during business hours and after hours. We can integrate your service provider database with our systems to give your customers access to the data they frequently seek from an answering service.

At Chillax.biz, we combine our cutting-edge technology—programmed with your dispatch service protocols—and our exceptionally qualified service staff to provide the fast, top-notch service your customers expect. Our call centers are fully staffed and equipped to handle all of your after-hours and overflow calls efficiently so you and your employees can concentrate on your business.Our goal is to offer back-office and live answering services to professionals in the service sector. We assist plumbers, maid services, mechanics, and other professionals in the field with administrative and customer service tasks so they can concentrate on what they do best: providing that service to their customers. Find out how Chillax.biz can help you deliver better, more professional services while saving money by getting in touch with us today.Call us at +1 800 320-0228 to learn more about how we can assist you in managing the most important calls for your company.

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