Know about back office services

Back Office answering service

It is a service provided by companies that are mainly aimed at providing you the best back office support possible and help you focus on the things which matter the most. The back office is indeed an important part of any company but it is also time-consuming and takes your focus off of the things you should be doing. This company helps you by providing the best backup office service possible.

The Pricing Plans

They offer a very reasonable and affordable service cost as compared to the amount of work they do. They have two types of plans, one is a basic plan which is the most popular one coming at $50 per week, which has $2 fixed price per call with 25 calls included, up to 3 phone numbers which are free of charge, 24/7,365 days a year service, no extra charges for holidays or weekends, American based trained representatives.

The other service is called the Deluxe Plan which offers complete administration and comes for $1499 per month with scheduled and confirm appointments, bookkeeping and billing, inbound and outbound phone calls, CRM Implementation and integration, invoice creation for clients, and vendor and dispatch field techs.

Back Office Services

They offer the best Back Office Services in almost every company. Your administrative duties often get in your way when you try to provide the actual service for which your clients hired you. To help you in that field this company takes away all of those burdens and lets you accomplish what you do the best.

Not only will they handle all of your inbound and outbound calls. But they would also follow up on all your messages, emails, schedule and confirm appointments, manage your payroll, estimate, and invoice for the clients and even handle all the communications with vendors and every other task which are required for your office administration.

They would keep you and all your field workers busy while assigning them new jobs as well. In simple words, they would take care of your home base while you can keep winning at the real field out there.


You can now relax with your office work by having the top back-office outstanding services at your expense.  

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