Have all your administration work taken care of properly while you go through that pile of files!

back office service

It becomes difficult to complete your work on time when you also have to look after the administration of your office or business, right? Well, that is nothing new and administrative problems often snowball into bigger problems and lead to failures in various ways.

But, what if you could have an expert or experts to take care of all your administration work while you and your colleagues get the real work done on time, can attend all the meetings, keep up with all your deadlines and never miss an important call or a message or an email?  Is this a dream come true? Well, that is why exactly you need to read this article to find out more about the back office service provided by one of the best firms in this business.

What exactly do back-office services include?

Well, not to worry! Back office service includes everything other than the real work of the company which only you can do and thus, anything other than that will be taken care of promptly without you having to worry about it at all! And that is why, Chillax is here, with an expert team, who is considered one of the very best in this firm. Let us take a look at what it includes.

  • Managing payroll of all your clients and customers.
  • Expert handling of all your inbound/outbound phone calls.
  • 24/7 call answering services and live receptionists.
  • Following up on emails on time.
  • Following up on schedules and routine without fail.
  • Confirmation of important appointments.
  • Creation of accurate estimates for your monetary transactions.
  • Creation of invoices for clients.
  • Proper handling of all the required communication with your vendor or client.
  • Any other work that might be required.


Therefore, with all your other work being taken care of, working through that huge pile of files should become much easier, right? Thus, this virtual assistant will help your work hassle-free and without having to worry about less important things and you can concentrate entirely on your work!

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