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Our mission is to provide live answering and back-office services to service industry professionals. We help mechanics, maid services, plumbers, and other industry professionals handle administrative and customer service tasks while they are able to focus on their main goal: providing that service to their clients.

Customer Service and Office Administration Made Easy

Working in the professional service industry can be difficult with all of the excess of office administration. Office supplies dwindle, paperwork piles up, and the phone keeps ringing off the hook with calls going unanswered. Proper inventory goes unchecked and calling suppliers becomes a repetitive hassle. To top it all off, you are not able to meet demand and accomplish any actual service work, neglecting clients and leaving conversion rates down in the dumps.

Does all of the above have you stressed out? No worries, CHILLAX! We provide live answering and back-office services to all service professionals seeking help at a reduced cost. Phone calls and emails are answered, appointments are scheduled, estimates and invoices are drafted for customers, and you get to keep heading out the door to the next job! Finally have that peace of mind out in the field knowing that we have everything related to the office covered. Focus on what’s important and CHILLAX!




Expert Staff

Why Choose Us

The following assets and benefits that we offer set us far apart from the rest in the business:

Quality Service

We will act immediately and professionally to help with your business.

Unmatched Expertise

We know customer service and office administration better than anyone else.

Precise Result

We never leave any aspect of your business unattended and never miss a single detail.

Qualified Staff

We hire the best and the brightest and turn them over to you!

Meet The Team

Highly trained, qualified, and most important, friendly, our agents are at your disposal to help with your needs for your business.

Eric Madden

Success Manager

Alfredo Solono

Customer Service Representative

Alexa Kor

Marketing Specialist

David Shnader

Project Manager / IT

Steve Beck

Customer Service Representative

Our agents are ready and able to help you CHILLAX! Contact us today and we’ll get started on helping you focus on what’s important immediately!

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