3 Myths about answering services

back office answering service

Myth is associated with everything. Everything that exists on this earth has some myths. Phone answering services have myths that make many people drift away from the idea of outsourcing these services. Let’s not pay any heed to folktales.


  1. Customers will know that the employees are not in the office

This is the biggest and the most famous myth one has heard.  Many factors are associated with your customers knowing if your receptionists are in the office or at home. Most phone answering centers do not specialize in only one particular topic but deal with various types of businesses. Often, the applicants are not well versed in the tasks. However, every applicant is required to pass a legal skills test, attend an interview and be provided training to be thorough with the working environment.

There is a difference between employees attending calls at a call center and home. The background noise at a call center can be distracting for both speakers. Virtual assistance provided from homes is the best because employees who work from home attend calls in a calm and serene environment with no background distractions. Coming to the location, many people think that outsourcing is done only internationally. Many outsourcing companies are located domestically. As a business owner if you want your receptionists to sound like the local people, outsource these services to a local company. A language barrier can leave your company behind in the market.

  1. In-House receptionists are cheaper

Whether one is working from a center or home, back office answering service is always cheaper. In-house receptionists can attend only one call at a time, needing lunch breaks, vacation, etc. Answering services from centers can be a better option because there will always be an employee to attend calls even if many are on leave. Answering services ensure providing 24×7 service and are more economical than an in-house receptionist.

  1. Poor Service

Many feel that outsourcing services will reduce their quality. However, these are highly skilled and trained employees. Many call centers even provide specialized services. No two businesses are the same. So, no such myth should be believed.

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